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Home & Commercial Heaters, Ventilation & Ceiling Fans

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My experience with is just like some reviewers on other sites already indicate.
I ordered something on the site which did not include the part i thought it would. My mistake. The picture on the site suggested to me it was.
I correctly mailed Creoven about this, willing to trade and buy the item i needed, which is way more expensive than the item i ordered.
And like some people said, the costumerservice(all in the name) was not helpful or showed any sympathy towards me at all.
Their first kind of unfriendly reaction was only about my mistaken order and not about the questions i asked.
The second wasn't either but included a link to their site with the right item. Of course i already knew this!!
The third were only 3 words as response without a don't take costumers seriously?
It seems like these people are maybe too young to understand the problems of clients and deal with them, or solve them in a professional way and mistake these thing with moaning?
Also reactions from Creoven to some review writers on sites i found have these same childish touch.
Good thing for me my loss with Creoven is just a small amount but principle moved me to share this with others in a review.

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