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It was awful experience, they lost my order. It was laptop macbook pro for 3300$. They were saying don't worry we would find it during the month. Realy?! Month?! I almost lost my mind. They sent my order to incorrect address and gave my laptop to someone unknown.

John Jethro N: I am sorry but you may be needing to contact your shipper for that information. Since we are not allowed to provide the address on the label. What we can do is only verify.
You: did you mean bhphotovideo?
John Jethro N: Yes that is correct.
You: they didnt know anything and ask for 5 days, but i will fly away in 1 day
John Jethro N: I can see here that it was delivered to a completely different address. Please contact them for this to be resolved.
You: who changed the address?
John Jethro N: I can see here that this package is already investigated under 0918914725. Please contact your shipper for you to know the updates.

It drove me crazy

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